While I was a student at Venice High School back in the 50's, I was a photographer for the school paper, using a 4X5 Speed Graphic camera and Tri-X film. After working thirty-two years as a prosecutor, I retired in December of 2000. My interest in photography was still strong, but the camera equipment in use had undergone many changes.

In 2007 I became more interested in this hobby, particularly with sporting events. My granddaughters were playing field hockey at Westview High School in San Diego, so I took pictures of their games. During the next few years I began taking pictures of games being played by the San Diego County Soccer League, Crusaders Soccer Club, and the Old Aztecs and Young Aztecs Rugby Football Clubs. I also took pictures of flag football, lacrosse, surfing, rock climbing, or any other sport that was available, and occasionally got involved with birds, animals from the San Diego Zoo, and other forms of wildlife.

I enjoy the challenge of taking the pictures, trying to get everything right from the photographer’s perspective, taking into account issues of lighting, background, shutter speed, and composition. In sports, I particularly try to capture the strength and intensity of the individual athlete.

Most of my pictures are taken with a Nikon camera, usually with a Nikkor 70-200 f 2.8 lens, sometimes with a Nikon TC-20EIII Teleconverter.

In order to allow interested parties to view the pictures, I set up this website. Almost all the pictures can be downloaded to your computer, for your personal or non-commercial use or viewing. This is a hobby, not a business, so there is no charge for downloading. Instructions are on the homepage.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment on any of the photos, or contact me at Jay@JayCPhotos.com. If you have technical questions concerning the website, contact the Webmaster, Ellen Main, at ellen.main56@gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Jay Coulter

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